Gorilla 2 x 2 8mm Interlocking Rubber Tile - Canada

Gorilla 2 x 2 8mm Interlocking Rubber Tile - Canada

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Gorilla 2 x 2 8mm Interlocking Rubber Tile - Canada

A resilient floor covering made from recycled rubber content and coloured EPDM granules are used when superior impact shock, vibration, and noise control is required in fitness, gym, sports, and training facilities, and high traffic or acoustically-sensitive environments.

Used as a floor surface to cushion impacts from falling or dropping objects, ease fatigue, reduce joint and muscle stress, and prevent general discomfort and injuries associated with repetitive motion or standing for long periods of time.

Acclimatization Period: All products must acclimatize for at least 24 hours before installation at the same ambient conditions as the finished conditioned space.

Length: 23' / 58.4 cm
Width: 23' / 58.4 cm
Thickness: 0.3" / 8 mm
Weight: 6.5 lb per tile / 2.9 kg per tile

Disclaimer: We recommend purchasing 5-10% more tiles than needed. Note that if you need more later, there is a chance that it is not from the same production lot and there maybe a variation in colour or speckle pattern. We cannot guarantee a 100% match for orders placed at a later date.

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