Inertia Wave® DUO - Fluorescent Red

Inertia Wave® DUO - Fluorescent Red

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XM Fitness Special Edition

The Inertia Wave® DUO

builds a stronger core and kick-starts your metabolism using a series of 15 specially designed methods.




How far can I safely stretch the Inertia Wave® DUO?

We recommend, for your safety, never pulling or stretching the Inertia Wave® DUO longer than 26 inches. It’s not a bungee and it may lose its integrity if you use it like a resistance tube.

Can I cut off the safety straps?

You will void all terms, and be held accountable for any injuries.

Do I have to wear the safety straps?

It is the user's responsibility and the user's negligence for the causation of any injury. User must be aware of sweaty hands, surroundings, and anything that may harm spectators or yourself. It is mandatory that you wear safety straps at all times.

Why can’t we use the Inertia Wave SOLO as the Inertia Wave DUO?

The original Inertia Wave has a solid steel O-Ring built into it. If a user were to let go, it can become very dangerous. The Inertia Wave Duo has safety straps instead. The Inertia Wave Duo has been tested and quality controlled and approved safety straps.

Can we use the Inertia Wave DUO for other exercises other than the 15 Methods of Use?

Although we urge you to get creative with your Inertia Wave products by coming up with unique custom methods, you should never use them as a resistance tube or bungee. It will loose its integrity and can possibly cause you harm.

How much space do I need to train with the Inertia Wave DUO?


From your partner's hands to your own, you will need at least 11.5 feet in length. To perform the Hurrican Walk method, you will need more space to walk forward and back.


For some of the methods of use, you will need at least 4 feet in width to your left, and 4 feet in width to your right.


For some of the methods of use, you will need at least 7 feet in height from the ground.

Can I anchor the Inertia Wave DUO?

No. The Inertia Wave Duo was designed with a built-in "wrist safety strap" at each end of the tubes. If you try to tie the safety strap and use it as an anchor, the safety straps may rip out. The safety straps are strong enough to stop the end cap from flying towards your partner, however, cannot withstand 300-600 lbs. of oscillating torque which it produces as its anchored. PLEASE do NOT attempt to anchor your Inertia Wave Duo.


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