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This KIT Includes:

  • IRONAX XPX Power Rack
  • IRONAX XB1 Barbell
  • IRONAX Athletic Series Plates - 45lbs x 2, 35lbs x 2, 25lbs x 2, 10lbs x 2
Storage Extension


  • The Ultimate light commercial rack is here! Perfect for the training studio, school, garage gym or basement, the IRONAX XPX brings you the Ultimate rack with ultimate options.

  • Don’t let your equipment limit you. Chose from over 500 different configurations with 15 different options.

    The XPX comes loaded with Premium J Hooks, Commercial Roller J-cups, 1000lbs rated safety straps and 2” / 1” variable grip pull up bar.

XPX Specs
  • Variable Grip 2” / 1” Fat / Skinny pull up bar
  • 43 height adjustments with West Side hole configuration
  • Black powder coat Paint
  • 1000lbs rated safety straps
  • 800+ lbs rated J Hooks and Roller Cups
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty
  • 47.5” Wide x 73.75” Deep x 83.25” Height
  • 34.75” depth inside the power rack
The Steel

The Steel

2.3 x 2.3″ 12 gauge/60 x 60 mm 2.6mm tubing. Weighing in at 230lbs (almost 30bs heavier than comparable models)

18.5mm holes spaced at 32mm apart and west side holes only 7.2mm apart to allow for micro-adjustments.

The Brand

The Brand

Ironax brings you commercial quality fitness equipment at an incredible value. Combining both functionality and aesthetics, Ironax has made a significant impact in the fitness space.

XPX Options
  • Functional Trainer

    Functional Trainer

    Convert your Ironax XPX Power rack to the ultimate training machine by adding the XPX Functional Trainer options. Aluminum Pulleys eliminate drag and give you the smoothest movements possible.

  • Leverage Arms

    Lever Jammer Arm

    The Leverage Arm / Jammer Arm options are the perfect addition to your power rack. Multiple grips, adjustable heights and adjustable handle lengths combine to adapt to just about any exercise you can think of.

  • MonoLift Attachment

    MonoLift Attachment

    The monolift attachment design allows you to exercise in place without having to walk the bar out from the rack.

  • Split Squat Attachment

    Split Squat Attachment

    The Split Squat is used for a variety of exercises such as Single Leg Bench Squats and Single Leg Shoulder and Feet Elevated Hip Thrusters.

  • Landmine Option

    Landmine Option

    The training device works the entire body. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar (not included) into the 12" pivoting sleeve.

  • Storage Extension

    Storage Extension

    Extend your Ironax XPX rack with this optimal storage solution.

    Includes 8 x 13” long chrome plated plate holders (2” Olympic size)

  • Dumbbell Shelf

    Dumbbell Shelf

    With 36.5” of space, this shelf will keep both your hex and round dumbbells off the floor.

  • Weight Shelf

    Weight Shelf

    Use this additional plate storage to keep your bumper plates neat and organized.

  • Ball Shelf

    Ball Shelf

    41.5” of storage space to accommodate your medicine or wall balls.

  • Flat Shelf

    Flat Shelf

    This utility shelf gives you 41.5” x 9.5” of surface storage for your accessories. Keep your collars, chalk or even KB’s organized.

  • Dip Bars

    Dip Bars

    Simple and effective! These dips bars will give you the upper body strength you need.

  • Olympic Bar Holder

    Olympic Bar Holder

    Keep your Olympic bar off the floor with this vertical bar storage.

  • Spotter Arms

    Spotter Arms

    Having an extra pair of spotter arms never hurts. Use these spotter arms to allow for an additional station off the front of the power rack.

  • Safety Arms

    Safety Arms

    If you are looking at an alternative to the safety straps, these safety arms are for you.

  • J Hooks

    Premium J Hooks

    A second pair of commercial J hooks is something we always get asked about.

IRONAX XB1 Barbell

Matte black Olympic barbell with medium depth knurling providing a firm grip for both professional and recreational powerlifting. Designed with a smooth center finish without shredding your chest and hands.

xb1 barbell
xb1 barbell bearing
xb1 barbell knurling
xb1 barbell close up texture
xb1 barbell cap

xb1 barbell knurling MEDIUM KNURLING

xb1 barbell knurling


Perfect for the home or garage gym! This adjustable Bench is designed to give commercial features at home gym price.

The bench has been load tested and approved for up to 850 lbs. This is inclusive of the user.

Ironax Fitness XFI1 Adjustable Bench Ironax Fitness XFI1 Adjustable Bench
Ironax XFI1 FI Bench Ironax XFI1 FI Bench Ironax XFI1 FI Bench Ironax XFI1 FI Bench Ironax XFI1 FI Bench


  • Width is 24" and 51" Length
  • Backpad 11.75" - Seat 10.25"
  • Height is 17" when flat
  • Handle and wheels for easy movement
  • 6 back pad adjustments including 0, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 to accommodate any workout routine. ** THIS BENCH DOES NOT DECLINE**
  • 3 seat pad adjustments, from flat to incline. A seat pad with the ability to incline keeps you locked in place when the back pad is inclined.
  • 1.5" Minimal pad gap
  • Polished VikingBlack powder coating
  • Pad and hardware individually boxed to prevent shipping damage
  • Simple 5 minute assembly with a socket wrench (not provided)
  • Rubber Protection on adjustment levers to prevent scratches and minimize noise
  • Superior Rubber Feet