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Shop top-tier strength training equipment from Ironax. Our collection consists of a wide variety of gym equipment, including flat benches, squat and power racks, Lat machines, leg presses, XLS and plate combos, home gyms, half racks, and other workout systems.

Our Ironax collection also includes attachments and add-ons like plate storage and dip options, landmine attachments, portable Lat and lift pulley systems, curl attachments, barbells, and more.

Ironax fitness equipment and attachments: use cases

Whether you’re looking for a sturdy, versatile training system or an attachment to optimize the functionality of your existing Ironax machine, The Treadmill Factory online store is the place to find the equipment you need.

Work on targeted muscle groups or activate your entire body to achieve stunning results. The Ironax equipment allows you to do various exercises, including crossovers, military presses, squats, crunches, Lat pulldowns, and dips.

Put your trust in the Ironax training equipment

Ironax manufactures fitness products and systems that ensure commercial features at home gym prices. Check out our selection of Ironax gym equipment and strength training machines, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.

The Treadmill Factory Ironax collection: features and specs

Ironax XP1 power rack completes your home or garage gym and allows lifting up to 700 lbs. XS1 squat rack has a weight capacity of 600 lbs and is constructed of 14-gauge solid steel with 2" upright hole spacing, 1" hole spacing for micro-adjustments, and 7" diameter holes.

Ironax XHR half rack is suitable for athletes working out in small spaces. It supports lifting up to 1,000 lbs and features a minimal footprint: only 35" by 49".

Ironax flat and FID benches are quick and easy to assemble and use. Quality rubber feet protect the floors, while polished VikingBlack powder coating helps prevent slipping and surface damage.

XHG HomeGym has a pin-loaded 160 lbs weight stack, allowing a total body workout. It features a multi-grip chest press, 6-position adjustments for chest presses, 5 angles for abdominal crunches, incline presses, and flat presses, and 5 variable positions for multi-position arms.

The XLS leverage gym model holds up to 500 lbs and comes with a detachable FID bench. Add-ons for this model, like leg attachments and preacher curls, are sold separately.

The Treadmill Factory online store also offers XLS and plate combos, leg press/rubber plate combos, leverage squat and calf stations, and compact leg sleds.