IRONAX XC - BS Belt Squat

IRONAX XC - BS Belt Squat

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IRONAX XC - BS Belt Squat

Introducing the IRONAX Belt Squat: the ultimate way to revolutionize your leg training! This innovative machine offers a unique and effective way to target your leg muscles without placing unnecessary stress on your back and spine. Elevate your leg training with the versatile and effective Belt Squat machine!

Fixed armrests, users can hold on to stabilize the core muscles during training, and focus more on lower limbs.

The starting handle with the spring can automatically spring back after starting, providing convenience for users.

Multiple belt hanging points to meet the needs of users of different heights.

Equipped with fast buckle belt, easy for users to get on and off the machine.

Length x Width x Height 63.5" x 49.2" x 40.6"
Weight 170.8 lbs
Maximum Load 385 lbs each
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