IRONAX XC - SLE Seated Leg Extension

IRONAX XC - SLE Seated Leg Extension

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IRONAX XC - SLE Seated Leg Extension

Introducing the IRONAX Seated Leg Extension: the ultimate machine to unleash your leg power with the Seated Leg Extension! Target and strengthen your quadriceps muscles, giving you sculpted and powerful legs. The Seated Leg Extension hones in on your quads, helping you build strength and muscular endurance. Say goodbye to weak legs and hello to leg day dominance as you incorporate the seated leg extension into your fitness routine and unlock your leg potential!

The automatic locking latch type back pad adjustment can be adjusted according to users of different heights, and can be operated with one hand, which is convenient to use.

The leg pads are 360° adjustable and can be adjusted according to the ankles of users of different heights to meet various needs.

Length x Width x Height 49" x 46.1" x 39.1"
Weight 139.7 lbs
Maximum Load 330 lbs