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The Treadmill Factory offers top-quality consumer and commercial-grade vibration machines. Sleek, space-saving design and user-friendly settings help our vibration platforms fit harmoniously within your residence, private office, or training centre.

Vibration plate machines: features and specs

Vibration platforms allow you to enjoy low-stress exercise, improve your health, and notice full-body results in a short time.

Our Frequency Fitness Vibration Machine 10 model is made with fitness enthusiasts and professionals in mind. It’s a light unit that’s easy to transport and store, features complete remote control to regulate frequency settings (25-40Hz range), and comes with resistance training straps for practical upper body training.

Our Power Plate my5 and pro5 vibration machines are designed for consumer and commercial gyms. Both models come in silver colour, with additional colour options available on request.

The Power Plate my5 model features a range of 30 Hz to 40 Hz, a vibration energy output switch, a remote controller, and a user-friendly interactive display. It relies on the PrecisionWave™ technology and Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System to provide uncompromising performance and maintain precise balance at any frequency and amplitude level.

Power Plate pro5 vibration trainer is a proven performer in commercial settings suitable for wellness, beauty, fitness, sports, medicine, and rehabilitation. It provides the ultimate experience in Acceleration Training™ exercise, with the pro5 AIRdaptive™ model and more settings for greater variation in health and fitness regimens.

The model features a frequency range of 25 Hz to 50 Hz and, like the my5 vibration machine, works with the PrecisionWave™ technology and Dual Sync™ Twin Motor System.

Power Plate vibration trainer machines received several notable certifications, including but not limited to CE and EMC, RoHS/WEEE, CB, NRTL, and MDD.

Level up your workout game using vibration plate machines

Vibration machines are trending among fitness enthusiasts and seasoned professionals, and it’s easy to see why. With as little as 15 minutes of exercise a day, vibration trainers can significantly aid weight loss and lead to improved flexibility and blood flow. These powerful units also help reduce muscle soreness, lower cortisol levels, and build muscle strength.

Vibration machines can be used for practical exercises such as planks, jack knives, leg crunches, squats, quad stretches, heel raises, etc. Use resistance training straps to include upper body exercises like shoulder stretches.

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