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Matrix U50 XIR Upright Bike

Matrix U50 XIR Upright Bike


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Vue Mirror Promo


Vue Mirror Promo Vue Mirror Promo

XIR Console


Our 16" console features a brilliant HD touchscreen display to bring your virtual journeys, movies and videos to life. Includes WiFi, Bluetooth and an HDMI port to stream whatever moves you.

XIR console

    Connect your wireless headphones and the included Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Connect to popular training apps via Bluetooth FTMS.


    Connect your console via WiFi for software updates, ViaFit connectivity, web browsing and entertainment apps


    Connect your phone or tablet via HDMI to mirror your device on the high-definition screen. Or play your favorite apps from your streaming media device.


    Play music and video content on the console by connecting your mobile device to the console via USB. Compatible with most Windows and Android phones, tablets and MP3 players.


    Includes a web browser to search your favorite sites.


    Keep every workout fresh with metric-driven cardio programs, create your own custom workouts, and repeat workouts automatically saved in your workout calendar.


    Our best speakers are integrated to give you the option of listening to your shows, movies, music and programs without headphones.


    After 15 minutes of inactivity, the console switches to sleep status, which draws less energy.


    Plug your media player into the console using the included adapter cable to play audio through the integrated speakers, or plug your headphones into the console to listen to through your own device.

matrix featuring ifit

Matrix Featuring iFit

Matrix featuring iFit syncs your equipment to interactive studio classes, Global Workouts, Google Maps Street View and over 16,000 workouts led by inspiring trainers. Best of all, your new Matrix equipment includes a 30-day iFit membership for your whole family.

connect in a powerful new way

Connect In A Powerful New Way

Now advanced Bluetooth can connect your smart treadmill to your favorite fitness apps. That means you can run and compete against exercise enthusiasts from around the world, bringing your workout to life like never before.

Bluetooth heart rate monitor not included.

mirror whatever moves you

Mirror Whatever Moves You

An HDMITM port makes it easy to connect and mirror your own digital media devices, letting you work out to whatever keeps you motivated. You can enjoy your favorites shows and movies on the high-definition screen, browse your social feeds and much more.

Devices and HDMI cable not included. The terms HDMI, HDMI High Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

Stay Entertained

You can enjoy your favorite shows, music and movies while you workout. Our XUR console comes with Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, and other popular entertainment apps that make it easy to log in with your own account. Entertainment apps are subject to change.

Stay Connected

Working out doesn't have to be a solitary experience - our XUR console includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PressReader and Weather apps to help you stay connected while you sweat.


Sprint 8

This scientifically validated high-intensity interval training program burns fat and builds muscle in short workouts that anyone can fit into their schedule.

Discover Sprint 8
u50 upright bike




Exact Force Induction Brake


Comfort Arc


dual form frame

Dual Form Frame

Our Dual Form Frame significantly improves rider stability over single-post designs and offers a low step-through height for easy access.

comfort arc seat

Comfort Arc™ seat

Our Comfort Arc™ seat is ergonomically molded to provide unmatched comfort, support and balance during workouts.

smart ergonomics

Smart Ergonomics

An optimized Pedal Spacing (a scientific measurement of the distance between the bike's key elements) improves the application of force during the pedal stroke, making every ride more efficient and easier on your joints.

exact force induction brake

Exact Force Induction Brake

Exact Force Induction Brake offers instant, smooth, precise resistance changes at the push of a button, and with no moving parts, it's quieter and more durable as well.

easily customizable

Easily Customizable

You can attach standard outdoor handlebars, saddle and pedals to customize your cycle to your unique style and needs.

industry leading adjustability

Industry-leading Adjustability

The handlebars adjust via an easy-lift lever, and the seat adjusts with a turn-and-pull knob for an ideal fit. Plus, handgrip resistance controls make it easy to adjust the level of challenge without interrupting your workout.

staff checkmark STAFF SCOOP

"Hey everyone, my name is Jake and I'm currently at the Markham Treadmill Factory. Today I'm bringing to you the Matrix U50 Upright exercise bike, which is one of the best bikes on the market today.

The first design feature that I like to highlight is the A frame design, which gives you added stability and ease of access. If we then take a look at their seat, Matrix really emphasizes their seat to make sure it's one of the most comfortable on the marketplace.

And with the seat you can also adjust the height very easily to find the most comfortable fit for you. You can also bring the handlebars closer to yourself and you can adjust the angle of them to again find a very comfortable fit. If you look at their foot pedals they feature oversized foot pedals to really provide your feet with the most support.

And then the bike also uses an induction brake resistance system which gives you a larger range of resistance. And when you make your changes you feel them immediately. So that's the advantage over other bikes in regards to the resistance system. It also offers a very strong warranty, one of the strongest in the marketplace today.

And with all Matrix products, you get a choice of console. They do have four consoles; this is their second best, the XIR, which gives you loads of entertainment features and programming options to really give you any option you may wish for.

If you have any further questions about the product, you can send me an email my email is Jake@treadmillfactory.ca" -Jake from The Treadmill Factory

mail icon Jake@treadmillfactory.ca
jake from treadmill factory play video