Slings (Pair)

Slings (Pair)

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Improve your lifting and protect your barbell at the same time.

help protect you and your bar when you're exercising. The incredibly strong nylon strapping is virtually unbreakable – its gotta breaking strain of over two tonne, so no matter how much you're lifting, the Sling can hold it.

Traditionally lifters use spotting arms made from steel. These certainly do the job but they're heavy, expensive and can damage the bar if you happen to drop it from a height.

This is where The Sling is ideal. They're lightweight, soft and flexible. So they will catch the bar but will also avoid any damage to it.

All you have to do is attach the Sling with safety pins and you're good to go. These certainly are a safe and cost effective solution to the tradtional spotting arms.

Here's some more detail.

Length: 123cm
Strength: 2 tonnes
Weight: 0.5kg

  • Must-have safety feature – protect your bar and improve your lifting with greater confidence
  • Perform partial deadlifts by adjusting the height of the Sling
  • Ideal for Zercher and dead start squats
  • Cheaper than traditional spotting arms
  • Far easier and quicker to assemble than spotting arms
  • Lighter so cheaper to transport - you save money
  • As strong if not stronger than traditional spotting arms
  • Can be used for sled dragging
  • Ab straps for hanging leg raises