StairMaster FreeClimber - D-1 Console

StairMaster FreeClimber - D-1 Console

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StairMaster® FreeClimber - D-1 Console - Backlit LCD

Climbing is a challenge of endurance. And the high intensity, short-duration workout of a StairMaster FreeClimber is unbeatable. Featuring a wide range of programming options in a small footprint,the FreeClimber is a powerful addition to your facility when used both as part of circuit trainingprograms or alone.

  • Injection-molded plasticshrouding with lighter,modern color scheme.
  • Independent pedalgeometry with four-barlinkage keeps pedalslevel ensuring a safe,biomechanicallycorrect movement.
  • Handrails areergonomically designedgiving the user anatural movement thatminimizes impact.
  • Water bottle holderand accessory tray.
  • Quieter step designimproves fluidity ofstepping motion andprovides addedcushion for joints.

Console Options and Features:
Backlit LCD Console (D-1)

  • Standard console display and programs that arefamiliar to your members
  • Optional 15.6” LCD TV (SMV-1) mounts above console