CrossBell Unit

CrossBell Unit

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CrossBell Unit

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CrossBell Weight

The CrossBell is hollow so you can fill the unit to your desired level of resistance. Water provides enough weight for even the fittest people. Work with one weight your entire workout — no need to dump out or fill up the unit when you change exercises! As you get stronger you can increase the amount of weight you use.

Product Specifications

Colour Blue or White
Material High Density Polyethelyne, a food-grade plastic (PEHD) that is virtually indestructible, light, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Unit Dimensions

Height to handle 14 inches
Diameter/across 10 inches
Width 4.5 inches
Barbell length 51.5 inches
Barbell diameter 1.0 inches


Empty 2.2 lbs
Water up to 10 lbs
Sand up to 20 lbs
Coins up to 35 lbs
Buckshot up to 45 lbs
Weight Capacity
of Barbell
50 lbs