Weider, 15lb Cast Iron Kettlebell with Hammertone Finish, Single

Weider, 15lb Cast Iron Kettlebell with Hammertone Finish, Single

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Tone and sculpt your muscles with the Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell. Designed to help you focus on your balance and body control, kettlebells are the perfect addition to any resistance workout and act as an effective counterweight for many upper and lower body exercises. Additionally, kettlebell workouts improve overall functional fitness, including mobility and coordination. The Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell features an extra-wide grip, providing enhanced control during intense workouts. The hammertone finish looks professional and ensures quieter lifts. Solid cast iron construction makes your kettlebell the perfect strength-training companion for your home exercise routine. The Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell is available in a variety of weights ranging from 10 pounds to 35 pounds, in 5-pound increments (each sold separately) so you can choose the weight that best suits your needs and fitness goals. The Weider Cast Iron Kettlebell is handy for at-home workout routines to help you work towards your fitness goals.

Durable Hammertone Finish

  • Hammertone coating looks professional and promotes durability, adding a layer of protection between your weight and your floor
  • Enjoy quieter lifts

Extra Wide Grip

  • A wide handle provides a comfortable grip for better control of your weight
  • Comfortably use one or both hands to grip your weight as you work out

Made of Cast Iron

  • Solid cast iron construction is both durable and reliable
  • Built to maximize the life of your kettlebell

Improve Your Functional Fitness

  • Use your kettlebell to enhance CrossFit and strength training routines
  • Engage in a full-body workout to increase strength and muscle tone in both your upper and lower body

Available in a Variety of Weights

  • Available in 10 lb., 15 lb., 20 lb., 25 lb., 30 lb., and 35 lb. weights
  • Choose the weight that accommodates your needs and fitness level
  • Each kettlebell sold individually

Model #: WKB1513