Weider 65 lb. Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell with Knurled Grip - Sold Individually

Weider 65 lb. Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell with Knurled Grip - Sold Individually

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Strengthen your upper body with the Weider Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell. Resistance training is multi-beneficial, helping with total strength, stamina, bone health, calorie burn, and even energy levels. This 65-pound dumbbell is perfect for building lean muscle mass across your body. Engage your chest with dumbbell bench presses, overhead pulls, and floor presses. Develop your shoulder muscles with military presses, and target your back with rows. Crafted from durable cast iron material, this heavyweight dumbbell provides highly effective resistance for your strength-training routine without breaking the bank. Knurled handles provide your dumbbell with a non-slip grip so you can power through intense strength training sessions without worrying about dropping your weight. A hexagonal design prevents your dumbbell from rolling away or underfoot while you work out and ensures it will stay in place where it is stored. If you are serious about lifting heavy weight, then the Weider Cast Iron 65-pound Hex Dumbbell is the perfect solution for your home gym.

Hexagonal Shape

  • Prevent your dumbbell from rolling away or underfoot during your workout
  • Rest assured that your weights will stay in place where they are stored

Knurled Grip

  • A textured handle provides additional safety by promoting a better grip on your dumbbell

Cast Iron Construction

  • Enjoy long-lasting durability so you can achieve your long-term fitness goals
  • Cast iron provides effective resistance that has been relied on by bodybuilders and casual gym-goers alike for years

Compact Size for Convenience

  • Perfect sizing for home gym use and easy storage

Heavy Weight for Seasoned Lifters

  • This 65-pound dumbbell is the perfect strength training solution for weight lifters who have outgrown their lighter dumbbell sets

Sold Individually

Model #: NHD65