Weider - Rubber Hex Dumbbell 95 lbs

Weider - Rubber Hex Dumbbell 95 lbs

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Rubber Hex Dumbbell Workout

Weider - Rubber Hex Dumbbell
95 lbs

Enhance your overall strength with the robust 95-pound rubber hex dumbbell crafted by Strength Titan Weider. A vital component for any home gym enthusiast, this dumbbell stands as one of the most adaptable tools for fortifying muscle. Target your chest, shoulders, and lower body with precision, fostering comprehensive strength and endurance from the comfort of your own space.

Hexagonal Shape and Rubber Ends

Prevent your dumbbell from rolling away or underfoot during your workout, your weights will stay in place where they are stored

Protective Rubber Coating

Each end of your dumbbell is coated in a thick layer of protective rubber to reduce noise and prevent chipping

Partially-Knurled Chrome Handle

A textured handle fights against sweat to offer a secure grip through your most intense workouts. Practical construction delivers added support, reducing the risk of dropping your weight

Build Powerful Lean Muscle

At 95 pounds, this dumbbell was designed for more experienced weightlifters. Perform compound exercises like dumbbell squats, dumbbell deadlifts, and bench press to develop lean muscle across your entire body

Sold Individually

Each dumbbell is sold individually so you can build a weight set that is customized to your needs

Model #: DRH95

Product Dimensions 17"L x 9"W x 8"H
Weight 95 lbs
Model # DRH95