Weider Twist Board with Dual Resistance Tubes

Weider Twist Board with Dual Resistance Tubes

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The Weider Twist Board allows you to effectively target and condition your core from the privacy of home. This simple, innovative piece of exercise equipment promotes a twisting motion that activates a variety of muscles in your core and legs. Useful for improving your balance and coordination over time, the Weider Twist Board boasts a compact design that can easily assimilate into any home gym or workout space. Incorporated resistance tubes turn your twist board into a multi-faceted exercise tool, allowing you to simultaneously engage your core, legs, and upper body. Foam-padded Comfort Grip Handles are engineered to keep your hands comfortable and allow sustained use for a maximized workout experience. Precision-guided bearings make each movement of your twist board fluid and smooth, while a textured, non-slip surface reduces your chances of sliding mid-workout. The Weider Twist Board allows you to build strength in your core, upper body, and legs while enhancing your balance and coordination over time and improving your cardiovascular health - all from the privacy of your home.

Precision-Guided Bearings for Smooth Motion

  • Bearings make each twist and turn smooth and fluid - helping to streamline your workout
  • Condition your core and build your cardio endurance with this simple, easy-to-use exercise equipment
  • Improve your balance and coordination over time

Textured, Non-Slip Surface for Stability

  • A textured surface provides stability for your movement and enhances your ability to exercise without slipping

Foam-Padded Comfort Grip Handles

  • Engage your upper body by targeting your arms, shoulders, and back with these comfortably-padded handles

Compact and Portable

  • Your twist board is small enough to easily stash in your gym bag, under a bed or couch, or in a closet
  • A compact design makes this piece of equipment ideal for travel

250 Lb. User Weight Limit

Model #: WTWST14