XM Fitness Cargo Net

XM Fitness Cargo Net

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The XM Fitness Cargo net takes your XM Rig to another level! Suitable for Crossfit to climbing sports. 4” eyeloops and are easily fastened with the commercial carabiners ( included).Unit could also be fixed by threading a pipe through the eye loops and hanging.

- 12’ x 6’

- Commecial ¾” non-stretch PolyRope

- 3 pass weave design

- 11” square openings ( mesh pattern)

- 4” eyeloops for easy attachement

- Commercial Carabiners included

**Please ensure all eyeloops are are fasted for support. If any loops are missed the rope will become lopsided and faulty**

Warning! Net climbing is inherently dangerous. The Treadmill Factory does not recommend climbing Cargo Nets without using several landing pads under the workout area.

*Guaranteed to work with XM Fitness Infinity Series Product Only