XM FITNESS HD Adjustable FID Bench

XM FITNESS HD Adjustable FID Bench

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XM Fitness HD Adjustable FID Bench

XM Fitness FID Bench, ideal for home, vertical markets, and commercial use, adjusts to accommodate your workout preferences and features a new easy handle design and rear transport wheels for easy mobility.

The bench has been load tested and approved for up to 850 lbs. This is inclusive of the user.


  • Incline adjustment 0º – 80º, Decline adjustment -10º
  • Seat incline + 10º for 90º angle
  • Wider profile for increased stability
  • New easy handle design and rear transport wheels for mobility
  • Ideal for home and vertical markets
  • Rubber feet to protect floors

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"Hey guys this is Kyle from The Treadmill Factory in Markham. Today we're going to talk about the XM FITNESS HD Adjustable FID Bench. It's one of my favorite benches for two reasons. I actually own it and it's very easy to build and adjust.

As you can see, it is very easy to adjust. You can do flat, military and incline press. One benefit of the bench is, it does have the shoulder groove so you can get a little bit lower.

I'm going to have my co-worker Ivan come in and sit on the bench just to show that. Hop on, so as you can see when he's doing an incline press you can see he's getting fully down for full range of motion.

Another nice thing about this bench is it's very compact, and when it comes out of the box it's very easy to assemble. All you're installing is the padding, as well as this base beam here.

If you have any more further questions you can email me" -Kyle from The Treadmill Factory

mail icon kyle@treadmillfactory.ca
kyle from treadmill factory play video