XM Fitness Platform for XM Rig

XM Fitness Platform for XM Rig

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XM Skid Plate

Really want to own an XM rig but bolting into the ground is not an option? The XM Skid Plate is the perfect solution. The XM Skid Plate is suitable for rigs that are 4’ OR 6’ depth XM Rigs.


Sold Individually

Alternative to bolting rig to floor

Weight: 240lbs (110KG)

Length: 98”

Width: 19.5”

Height: 1/2 “

Compatible with both 4’ or 6’ XM rigs

Hardware Included

Number of Skids needed for standard Rig lengths:

10' Rig = 3 Skid Plates

14' Rig = 4 Skid Plates

20' Rig = 5 Skid Plates

24' Rig = 6 Skid Plates

*Guaranteed to work with XM Fitness Infinity Series Product Only