XM Fitness - Slant Board 10 Degrees (Pair)

XM Fitness - Slant Board 10 Degrees (Pair)

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10 Degrees (Pair)
Slant Board 10 Degrees (Pair)

The XM Slant Boards offer an immediate solution to improving your squat form, helping lifters achieve proper squat depth and reduce injury risk. By elevating your heels, these boards facilitate a more upright torso position, enhancing balance and allowing for deeper squats with greater ease. This is particularly beneficial for those with limited ankle mobility or tight calves, as it reduces strain and promotes proper alignment throughout the movement.

XM Slant Boards

XM Fitness Slants (Left to Right: 30°, 20°, 10°)

Built for serious training and heavy weights, our fixed design ensures a superior weight rating compared to adjustable options. This robust construction means the boards can handle the demands of intense workout sessions, providing a stable and reliable platform. The non-adjustable nature also adds to the durability, eliminating the potential for mechanical failure. Whether you're a seasoned lifter aiming to perfect your technique or a beginner seeking a safe and effective way to progress, the XM Slant Boards are an essential tool for any strength training regimen.



XM Slant Boards pair

*pictured: 20° slant
stand sold separately

Achieve Full Depth Squats Easier

The XM Slant Boards are specifically designed to help you achieve full depth squats with greater ease. By elevating your heels, the boards facilitate a more upright torso position, which is crucial for maintaining balance and achieving deeper squats. This elevation compensates for limited ankle mobility and helps alleviate tightness in the calves, allowing you to descend further into your squat. This improved range of motion not only enhances muscle activation but also promotes better overall squat mechanics, leading to more effective workouts and reduced injury risk.

Storage Bracket

*pictured: 30° slant

Storage Bracket

The XM Slant Boards come with a convenient storage bracket that can be easily mounted to a wall, upright, or Modular Rack. This ensures that your workout space remains organized and clutter-free, allowing for quick access and efficient use of the slant boards. The storage bracket is designed to be versatile and sturdy, keeping the slant boards securely in place when not in use. This feature is particularly beneficial for home gyms or training facilities with limited space, as it maximizes the utility of the equipment without compromising on storage.

Fixed Design

*pictured: 30° slant

Fixed Design for Superior Weight Rating

The fixed design of the XM Slant Boards provides a superior weight rating, making them ideal for heavy lifting and serious training. Unlike adjustable options that may have multiple moving parts prone to wear and tear, the fixed design ensures maximum stability and durability. This robust construction can withstand the rigors of intense workouts, providing a reliable and stable platform for lifters of all levels. Whether you're performing heavy squats, lunges, or other lower body exercises, you can trust that the XM Slant Boards will support your training goals.

Non-Slip Tread

*pictured: 30° slant

Grippy Non-Slip Tread

Safety and performance are paramount, which is why the XM Slant Boards feature a grippy non-slip tread. This surface ensures that your feet remain firmly in place during exercises, preventing any unwanted slippage that could lead to injury. The non-slip tread provides excellent traction, allowing you to focus on your form and technique without worrying about losing your footing. This added layer of safety is essential for both novice and experienced lifters, ensuring a secure and confident workout experience.

Slant Boards - 10-degrees

10-Degree Slant

The XM Slant Boards are designed with a 10-degree slant, the optimal angle for improving squat mechanics and enhancing lower body exercises. This specific angle elevates the heels just enough to facilitate a more upright torso position, improve balance, and increase the range of motion in the ankles and calves. The 10-degree slant is ideal for promoting proper squat depth and alignment, making it easier to engage the correct muscle groups and achieve better results. Whether you're aiming to improve your squat technique, target specific muscles, or simply enhance your overall workout, the 10-degree slant of the XM Slant Boards provides the perfect foundation for success.



Slant Angle 10°
Product Dimensions 11"D x 7"W x 2.5"H
Weight 4.5 lbs
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