XM Fitness Landmine Kit

XM Fitness Landmine Kit


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XMFITNESS Landmine Handle - Multi Grip


  • Just slip the handle onto the free end of an Olympic bar secured into a LandMine and reach a few different muscle groups by working out with this multi-grip bar.
  • T Bar Row Multi-Grip Handlebar is made of solid steel, which will last for generations of use.
  • Three gripping positions to allow the athletes to take their back exercises to the next level.
  • Compatible with Olympic and Standard bars
  • Diamond knurling.

7-Foot Olympic Chrome Bar

  • Made of chromed steel, your barbell has a sleek, professional look
  • Your bar weighs 45 pounds

Partially Knurled Hand Grips

  • A textured gripping surface promotes a better handhold on your barbell, increasing security as you lift

(2) Olympic Spring Clip Collars Included

  • Use the included spring clip collars to securely place your own Olympic-sized weight plates on your barbell
  • Lift in confidence knowing your weight plates are secure
  • Your barbell comes with (2) Olympic-sized clip collars

Olympic Sizing

  • Compatible with any combination of Olympic-sized (2"”") weight plates

500 lb. Maximum Bar Weight

    XMFITNESS Light Commercial Landmine

    A ground-based rotational training device that works the entire body. Perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar (not included) into the 12" pivoting sleeve at the unit's base. A 4" sleeve is also available to hold standard 1" bars.

    • Combine with the Landmine Handle for work that targets the shoulders, core, and hips.
    • Connector pivots side to side and top to bottom.
    • Solid steel
    • 10mm steel plate
    • 35lbs total weight