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Shop premium-quality Element Fitness workout equipment at The Treadmill Factory and get a balanced, powerful workout. Our online store features more than 500 Element Fitness products, including storage and power racks, ellipticals, treadmills, rowing machines, utility benches, leg presses, hip thrusts, arm curls and other gym machines, as well as accessories like dumbbells, kettlebells, stability and medicine balls, strength bands, Olympic plates, foam rollers, exercise mats, and much more.

The Treadmill Factory Element Fitness collection: features and specs

Element Fitness is the brand to look out for when equipping your gym, whether you’re focused on resistance, endurance, cardio, or strength training.

The Treadmill Factory store provides all types of machines for focused and full-body workouts and accompanying fitness products that help optimize your sessions to achieve results faster while exercising securely.

We also offer versatile storage options, including racks for medicine balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, foam rollers, bumper plates, mats, and other accessories.

Commercial-grade square tubing with electrostatic powder coating, high-density polyfoam, adjustable elastic upholstery, and anti-slide knurling aluminum handlebars are some of the specs Element Fitness equipment is known for.

Our Element Fitness selection includes a range of fitness products, from workout body bars and cross-resistance bands to systems such as FID bench combos, Smith machines, and functional trainers.

Browse the versatile offer of Element Fitness products

Our selection of Element Fitness equipment is guaranteed to satisfy your standards and requirements. The Treadmill Factory is the place to find the best machines and products regardless of your fitness level, workout routine, and expected results.

Target specific muscle groups, power your core, burn fat, and increase flexibility with the help of high-class Element Fitness gym equipment manufactured for personal gyms. We also provide an array of products designed to respond to the expectations of elite commercial training centres.

Element Fitness: a dependable product line for beginners and professional athletes

The Treadmill Factory is a Canadian supplier and manufacturer of top-tier fitness equipment for emerging athletes and professional bodybuilders. Element Fitness is our branded product line designed to elevate your training and inspire you to achieve more, session after session.

Power up your workouts with Element Fitness

Look no further than Element Fitness if you’re looking for equipment built to last and enable a safe and comfortable training experience.

Check out our Element Fitness gym equipment selection and find the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.