Ironax XB1 Barbell

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IRONAX XB1 Barbell

Matte black Olympic barbell with medium depth knurling providing a firm grip for both professional and recreational powerlifting. Designed with a smooth center finish without shredding your chest and hands.

xb1 barbell
xb1 barbell bearing
xb1 barbell knurling
xb1 barbell close up texture
xb1 barbell cap

xb1 barbell knurling MEDIUM KNURLING

xb1 barbell knurling
Length: 86.6" / 220 cm
Diameter: 1.12" / 2.8 cm
Weight: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Durability: 150k tensile strength
Strength: 1000 lb rating
Colour: Matte Black Coating
Design: Bushing design with snap rings
Knurling: Dual Knurl markings for Olympic and Power lifting