Beastie Double Track Wall System

Beastie Double Track Wall System

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RumbleRoller Beastie Wall Systems™

Beastie Series products expand the RumbleRoller experience to provide more intense, versatile, portable, and affordable massage options. Beastie Wall Systems (Single-Track and Double-Track) are used to position and hold Beasties or Beastie Bars for performing many different wall-based massage techniques.

Beasties Series products don't replace the RumbleRoller, but they are more specific in purpose. Use them to dig deeper into a troublesome area, or to work with greater detail on smaller muscles – e.g. those of the forearms and calves.

How Beastie Wall Systems Work

These systems use 56" long aluminum rails (one rail for the Single-Track system or two for the Double-Track) that mount vertically to your wall. Specially designed clamps attach either the Beastie Base or the Beastie Bar Stands to the rails. The clamps slide freely up and down the rails to adjust the position of the massage tool, and are locked in place with their thumbscrews. You then lean against the massage tool to apply massage pressure to your body.

The same clamps are used for holding either the Beastie Base or the Beastie Bar Stands. And the Beastie Bar Stands can be clamped in either a vertical or horizontal position, allowing you to employ different massage techniques.

The clamps hold the massage tool tightly, but also allow you to quickly reposition the tool as needed. Repositioning requires just a 1/4 turn of each easy-to-operate thumbscrew. It's also very easy to add or remove clamps and massage tools to your Beastie Wall System, even after it's mounted to the wall. With the thumbscrews loosened an extra 1/2 turn, the entire assembly can be slid off the top or bottom end of the rail.

Wall Systems Benefits

There are many great benefits to owning a Beastie Wall System:

  • New Techniques: Working against a wall rather than on the floor provides a better angle for getting into some areas of the body, such as your upper traps.
  • Scaled Pressure: When working against a wall, you control how much pressure you put against the massage tool by how hard you lean into it. This allows you to easily moderate the pressure and improve your results.
  • Enhanced Control: In addition to controlling the massage pressure, you also have better control of your positioning, so you can more easily direct the pressure to the right spot. This can greatly increase your effectiveness in massaging smaller muscles, such as those of the shoulders or forearms.
  • Convenience: Working against the wall saves you the trouble of getting down and back up off the floor, and makes it easier to keep your clothes clean and unwrinkled. This can make it more convenient to use massage tools in places like business offices.
  • Conserved Space: Some people have such limited floor space in their homes that it's difficult to find an area large enough to use a foam roller. In this case, a Beastie Wall System may be a good alternative.
  • Organization: When you're not using the Beastie Wall System, it's a great place to store your Beastie Series tools and keep them organized and off the floor.

Single or Double?

If you can afford it, we recommend the Double-Track Wall System because it provides the greatest number of massage tool mounting options. Both the Single-Track and Double-Track Wall System can be used for attaching the Beastie and/or the Beastie Bar in a vertical orientation. But only the Double-Track Wall System can be used to mount the Beastie Bar horizontally.

The Single-Track Wall System includes:

  • one 56" rail
  • mounting brackets and hardware
  • one set of clamps (for attachment of a single Beastie Base).

The Double-Track Wall System includes:

  • two 56" rails
  • mounting brackets and hardware
  • two sets of clamps (for attachment of a pair of Beastie Bar Stands or two Beastie Bases).

Assembly and Mounting

Due to their size, all Beastie Wall Systems are shipped unassembled. Assembly and wall mounting are explained in the included Wall System Assembly Guide, and require use of a Phillips screwdriver (not included).