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The Treadmill Factory provides RumbleRoller deep-tissue massaging equipment. Our RumbleRoller offer includes massage balls, bases, hooks, rollers, Beastie bars, single-and double-track wall systems, packs, and add-ons.

Prepare for training and find pain relief with RumbleRoller massage tools

As you roll over the top of a RumbleRoller or Beastie ball, the string bumps knead the contours of your body, gently stretching the tissue in several directions. This action erodes trigger points, helping restore flexibility while relieving muscular pain.

The Beastie Hook, combined with a Beastie ball, becomes a versatile massage tool. While the single contact point on competing products limits them to more straightforward acupressure techniques, the Beastie Hook can also be used for cross-frictional massage.

The value and power of the RumbleRoller brand

RumbleRoller is a brand known for high-performance massage tools. It’s created to help soothe the back, legs, quads, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, and other points on the body that can experience tension and pain due to prolonged sitting, strenuous workouts, or injury.

RumbleRoller products are perfect for runners, dancers, and athletes. Use them to stretch before a workout, relieve muscle pain, and make your skin more flexible and elastic.

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RumbleRoller massaging aids: features and specs

RumbleRoller makes products designed to conveniently and powerfully massage your upper back, shoulders, neck, and other accessible or difficult-to-reach body parts.

These massaging aids are built to break up knotted muscle fibres, decrease muscle tension, diminish tightness, improve tissue elasticity, and prevent injuries during workouts.

Treadmill Factory RumbleRoller selection includes various types of self-massage aids:

  • The Beastie line (individual products and sets) provides intense, versatile, and portable massage options,
  • RumbleRoller original, compact, and Gator models of various sizes, densities, and firmness levels,
  • Beastie single-track and double-track wall systems, and
  • A Beastie set of clamps for wall mounts.

Bestie and RumbleRoller lines feature specially designed bumps that are firm yet flexible, much like the thumbs of a skilled massage therapist. The design allows you to massage sore areas while in a comfortable upright position, regardless of what you’re doing.

You can use the single-track and double-track wall systems to attach the Beastie and/or the Beastie Bar in a vertical orientation. The double-track wall system can also mount the Beastie Bar horizontally.

Sturdy and long-lasting RumbleRoller massaging equipment is made from premium materials, including TPE (latex-and phthalate-free) and solid steel.