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TRX fitness suspension training gear caters to the needs and goals of athletes of all fitness levels.

The lineup features equipment like talon and duo trainers, suspension training kits, suspension handles, castors, group training stations, S-Frames, multi-mount kits, and training DVDs with guided real-time stretching routines for beginners and pros.

TRX fitness equipment workouts and benefits

TRX suspension gear is designed to make you sweat, sculpt your muscles, and strengthen your body while using your weight. Burn fat and improve heart health by doing more than 50 exercises, such as face and clock pulls, atomic push-ups, curtsy lunges, wall sits, side planks, body saws, etc.

Make the most of your TRX fitness suspension training gear

Suspension training equipment is easily adjustable for different fitness levels, making it an excellent choice for beginners and pros and younger and older adults.

Browse our online catalogue and pick the perfect TRX suspension gear for your fitness center or home gym. Order online and enjoy fast shipping directly to your door, anywhere in Canada!

If you want to try a suspension training product before purchasing, visit one of our local superstores near you. Our experienced staff awaits you in our Ontario stores in Markham, Mississauga, London and Barrie and our Alberta stores in Calgary and Edmonton.

TRX suspension training equipment: features and specs

TRX fitness training gear is designed to help athletes build core strength, flexibility, stability, and endurance.

The patented trainer and anchor program and suspension training kits enable you to train fingers and grips, core, and the upper and lower body, thanks to the nylon high-density foam, padded handle straps, and pinstripe webbing, and the secure felt system. Exercise indoors and outdoors safely, quickly, and efficiently.

TRX S-Frame is an excellent choice for group suspension training sessions. Available in three lengths, two heights, and many attachment options, it can accommodate up to 22 users working out inside or outside. Affix TRX castors to each of the S-Frame legs and make the unit mobile in seconds.

If your training group counts up to 10 people, consider investing in the Rip Group Training Station model: commercial-grade steel. This powder-coated, collapsible unit supports rotation in three planes.

Multi-mount kits are game-changing assets for users who work out in confined spaces. Made of strong industrial steel, these units support up to 9 suspension trainers and allow for many hanging exercises while not taking up too much space.

Choose TRX quality gear for vigorous suspension training

TRX is a brand with a notable reputation in the fitness industry, providing first-class equipment for all, from beginner runners, yogis, and cyclists to service members and combat athletes.

The products in the TRX line of suspension training equipment available at Treadmill Factory are carefully hand-picked to ensure your training sessions are always dynamic, safe, and result-driven, whether you exercise alone or in a group.