505 Landmine Kit

505 Landmine Kit


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  • Great to blast your back, Swivels Up, Down, and Side to Side. Look closely at this unit, it's better than you think.
  • Works your back, abs, arms, shoulders. A complete total body core cardio CrossFit workout.
  • Attaches to a 2" or 2 1/2" tubing squat power rack or bench, mount to floor or wall. Black
  • Heavy duty, versatile, compact, affordable. Bushings for a smooth movement, steel for durability.
  • Use with either Olympic or Standard bars. See comparison below and in pics to basic models.

Stronger, longer, and more durable design than any other landmine in this price range. Heavier steel and multiple mounting options. Impressive Matte black finish. Mounts under a 2" or 2 1/2" tubing, such as a power rack or bench. Can also be bolted to floor or wall. Fits all standard and Olympic bars. Simply put one end of the bar into the t-bar platform and your ready for bent over rows or landmine workout. See the many row handles that we sell that would work great with this landmine. The unit weighs 11lbs..Weight listed below is only for realistic shipping calculation. Some customers have asked about the comparison of this unit to other models. Our unit is bigger, stronger, smoother, and less expensive. Our Olympic tubing is 11.5" long vs 6" for other. Our unit has large bushings for a true landmine and back row workout. The other only has one bushing for more of back row only. Our unit is 50% heavier and has almost twice as thick tubing. Our unit can attach to 2" or 2.5" rack and be mounted to the floor or the wall and has 2 positions for tightening knob. Other only 2", floor mount, one knob position. Our unit will be much more durable and can handle more weight due to the unique design. Look closely and you will see that this unit is a fantastic value for the money, as many customer reviews have attested.

XMFITNESS Landmine Handle - Multi Grip

  • Just slip the handle onto the free end of an Olympic bar secured into a LandMine and reach a few different muscle groups by working out with this multi-grip bar.
  • T Bar Row Multi-Grip Handlebar is made of solid steel, which will last for generations of use.
  • Three gripping positions to allow the athletes to take their back exercises to the next level.
  • Compatible with Olympic and Standard bars
  • Diamond knurling.