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If you’re looking for high-quality fitness equipment to elevate your training sessions, Fit505 workout equipment is for you. We offer a selection of Fit505 gym products, including push-up bars, resistance tubing, stability balls, calf blocks, landmine kits, battle ropes, power racks, functional trainers, and more.

Fit505 fitness equipment: features and specs

From dip attachments, Yoga blocks, and double ab wheels to large-scale training systems, our selection of Fit505 products has everything you need for an effective and comfortable workout.

We offer light, medium, and heavy resistance tubing products for total body conditioning and anti-burst 55–75 cm stability balls with hand pumps for easy inflation.

Our online store also features several models of Fit505 flat and adjustable FID benches with heavy-duty steel frames and high-density pads for added support.

Fit505 home gym and the Smith functional trainer are popular exercise systems. Sturdy build, small footprint, and versatility in terms of intended uses make these units perfect for home gyms and training centres.

We also offer a selection of Fit505 half racks with pull-up bars, Lat pull-down attachments, vertical knee raise add-ons, calf, glute and ham developer machines, and dumbbell sets with racks.

Browse our selection of Fit505 training products, systems and attachments

Whether your goal is to focus on select muscle groups or create a routine that activates the entire body, our online store is the place to find the equipment to help you make the most of your training sessions.

Build a muscular physique, improve flexibility and core strength, and burn calories easier than ever. Our collection of Fit505 products will help you push through your limits.

Fit505 strength equipment: the best home and commercial gym solutions

Fit505 is a quality product line manufactured by the Xtreme Monkey fitness brand. This innovative series brings quality, durability, and effectiveness to your training, ensuring you make the most of each exercise session.

Level up your workouts with Fit505 fitness equipment

Check out our selection of Fit505 strength machines and other conditioning equipment, and put together the perfect setup for your workout space. We offer secure shopping at the best prices, with fast delivery across Canada.