Element Fitness 24” Aluminum EZ Curl Bar

Element Fitness 24” Aluminum EZ Curl Bar

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  • This EZ Curl bar is made of high-quality metal aluminum alloy, which gives it a rust-resistant chrome finish, which is light in weight and easy to carry. Great for home gyms, commercial use, and school weight rooms.
  • The non-slip knurling handgrips give you a firm hold, even when dealing with sweaty, slippery hands, and increase comfort and safety during exercise.
  • The EZ Curl bar has a rotating 360-degree swivel center for more fluid motion.
  • The EZ Curl can be connected to a cable machine or a rowing machine.
  • The Curl Bar length is 24.2 inch/61.5 cm; whether you’re using it for tricep pushdowns, or as a bicep curl attachment, this is the perfect addition to your arsenal.