Element Fitness Cobalt Commercial Leg Press

Element Fitness Cobalt Commercial Leg Press

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cobalt dual bicep & tricep
Length 193cm / 76"
Width 111.7cm / 44"
Height 170cm / 67"
Weight 555.5kg / 1,224.7lbs
Load 99.8kg / 220lbs

Element Fitness Cobalt Commercial Leg Press

Cobalt Commercial Leg Press

Pin selectorized equipment for mainly working out quadriceps femoris and auxiliarily working out gluteus maximus and musculus gastrocnemius. The exerciser could effectively work out the muscles of leg and hip by pressing the foot plate after choosing the appropriate weight.

  • Assisted foot platform and handle bar help user to entry and exit easily.
  • Adjusted slide rack accommodates various user for a ideal range of motion which is adjustable in a sitting position

Product Size(L*W*H)
Weight Stack
Product Features
Tube Tube of functional part is primarily at thickness 3mm. The weight stack cage is with D-shape tube at size 95*81.1*3mm and racetrack tube at size 50*100*3mm which ensure ultra durability and stability.
Shrouds Translucent ABS shroud at thickness 3.2mm ensures ultra durability and shock resistance.
Upholstery High-density poly-foam and double stitches offer comfort and endurability.
Cable Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 250 thousand times.
Bottle Holder The bottle holder fixed on the cage is within reach.
Adjustment The seat adjustment handles allows easy operation for comfort.
Handles Ergonomic handle bars in TPV material with aluminum ring limit offers comfort and secure during workout.
Electronic Console Console fixed on cage is optional to display reps and time
Dynamic Components All dynamic components are shielded for safety purpose.
Pre Stretch Lathed pulley with bearing of less tolerance ensure the smoothly moving.
Pulley Lathed pulley with bearing of less tolerance ensure the smoothly moving.
Safety Meet EN957 safety regulation