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Element Fitness - Proton Home Gym
The Ultimate Home Gym

The Element Proton is the ultimate home-gym made of commercial quality components featuring a free cable and fixed plane biomechanical design to give you the ultimate workout experience.

5-Position Uni-Lateral Multi Press

The 5-position uni-lateral multi press is unique in design allowing for dual or single arm chest and back exercises such as seated row, incline/ decline chest press. This biomechanical feature gives you options to isolate either right or left side of the body which is beneficial in strengthening muscle imbalances and recovering from injury.

Independent Rotating Cable Arms

Independent rotating cable arms allow for a wide array of functional training exercises. With 7 possible positions to rotate, you can use the cable arms independently or simultaneously to perform various exercises.

Low Pulley Exercises

Rotate the cable arm towards the ground to perform independent low pulley exercises such as bicep curls and glute kick backs. Use the cable arms simultaneously to perform exercises such as chest fly’s, rear delta fly’s, cable rows.

Leg Extension/ Leg Curl Station

The cam series leg extension and leg curl allows you to stay seated while performing both exercises. With multiple adjustments and well-placed pads, the Element Proton leg extension/ leg curl station allows for full contraction when targeting the quads and hamstrings.

200lbs Weight Stack

The ELEMENT PROTON HOME GYM comes with a 200lbs weight stack that provides a wide array of functional training exercises.

Powder Coated Commercial Finish

The ELEMENT PROTON HOME GYM has a powder coated commercial finish with aluminum accents to provide a premium feel