IRONAX XC - BT Biceps/Triceps

IRONAX XC - BT Biceps/Triceps

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IRONAX XC - BT Biceps/Triceps

Introducing the IRONAX Biceps/Triceps machine: the ultimate solution for sculpting and strengthening your arm muscles. This versatile equipment is designed to target both the biceps and triceps, providing a comprehensive upper arm workout in one efficient machine. With its adjustable resistance and ergonomic design, it accommodates users of all fitness levels and ensures proper form to maximize results while minimizing strain. The IRONAX Biceps/Triceps machine features a smooth and controlled motion, allowing for a full range of motion and precise muscle engagement. By incorporating this powerhouse machine into your routine, you'll be able to develop well-defined and powerful biceps and triceps, enhancing your overall arm strength and aesthetics. Elevate your arm training and unleash your full potential with the IRONAX Biceps/Triceps machine.

Standard with short bar for bicep curl training.

The angle of the back pad is inclined to give the user enough back support.

The height of the seat cushion is adjusted by the tooth plate, and it automatically rebounds with the back spring, which is more convenient to adjust and can be operated with one hand.

Length x Width x Height 42.9" x 27.8" x 50.6"
Weight 104.2 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs each