IRONAX XC - SCP Seated Chest Press

IRONAX XC - SCP Seated Chest Press

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IRONAX XC - SCP Seated Chest Press

Introducing the IRONAX Seated Chest Press: the ultimate secret weapon if you're serious about building a strong and powerful chest. This beast of a machine is designed to target your pectoral muscles with precision, giving you that chiseled and well-defined chest you've always desired. With adjustable resistance and a comfortable seat, you can push your limits while maintaining proper form. Upgrade your fitness routine with the seated chest press and say hello to a stronger, more sculpted chest!

The convergent split-motion training track can better stimulate the pectoralis major muscles.

The height of the seat cushion is adjusted by the tooth plate, and it automatically rebounds with the back spring, which is more convenient to adjust and can be operated with one hand.

Limit the back side of the lift-arm to avoid overextension and ensure the safety of users.

Equipped with elastic strap hook. The elastic strap can be used to optimize the force line, and the user will not feel the loss of strength in the back path.

Length x Width x Height 50.2" x 38.7" x 49.1"
Weight 141.5 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs each