IRONAX XC - SCR Seated Calf Raise

IRONAX XC - SCR Seated Calf Raise

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IRONAX XC - SCR Seated Calf Raise

Introducing the IRONAX Seated Calf Raise: the ultimate solution for developing strong and defined calf muscles. This state-of-the-art machine is designed to target the calves with precision, providing maximum engagement and exceptional results. Featuring a comfortable and adjustable seated position, it ensures proper form and reduces strain on the lower back. With its customizable weight resistance, users of all fitness levels can tailor their calf workouts to meet their specific goals. Unleash the power of your calves and take your fitness journey to new heights with the IRONAX Seated Calf Raise.

The length and shape of the seat cushion are ergonomic.

The height of the leg pads can be adjusted to meet the needs of users of different heights.

The leg pads can swing back and forth slightly to enhance user comfort.

Length x Width x Height 53.8" x 22.2" x 33.4"
Weight 84.8 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs