IRONAX XC - SHA Standing Hip Abductor

IRONAX XC - SHA Standing Hip Abductor

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IRONAX XC - SHA Standing Hip Abductor

Introducing the IRONAX Standing Hip Abductor: the ultimate tool for targeting and toning your hip abductor muscles. With its standing design, it promotes proper posture and engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously, maximizing results in less time. The IRONAX Standing Hip Abductor offers adjustable resistance, allowing users to tailor their workouts to their desired intensity level and progress as they build strength. Elevate your workouts and unlock your full potential with the IRONAX Standing Hip Abductor.

It can perform standing abductor and sitting abductor training, and the fixed armrest can help users maintain body balance during sitting abductor training.

Extended leg pads to meet the needs of users of different heights.

The foot pedals have anti-slip textures and the edges are cuffed to protect the user's feet from slipping and falling out.

Equipped with auxiliary pedals, which is convenient for users to get on and off the machine.

Length x Width x Height 67.7" x 23.4" x 50.3"
Weight 184.9 lbs
Maximum Load 330 lbs