IRONAX XC - VLP Vertical Leg Press

IRONAX XC - VLP Vertical Leg Press

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IRONAX XC - VLP Vertical Leg Press

Introducing the IRONAX Vertical Leg Press: the ultimate machine to take your leg workouts to new heights! This machine is a game-changer for targeting and strengthening your leg muscles, particularly your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. With a vertical pressing motion, the leg press provides a safe and effective way to build lower body strength, increase muscle mass, and enhance overall leg power. The adjustable weight stack allows you to customize the resistance and track your progress over time. The Vertical Leg Press is your ticket to sculpted and strong legs!

Equipped with starting handle, the position is convenient for users to operate, safe and reliable.

Multi-level safety limit provides multiple starting positions to meet the needs of users of different heights.

There are handles at the bottom and next to the foot pedal, which are convenient for users to get on and off the machine.

The back pad is angled to fit the angle of the body during the kick to avoid excessive backward pelvis.

Length x Width x Height 65.1" x 47.7" x 67.3"
Weight 243.3 lbs
Maximum Load 220 lbs each + 330 lbs