IRONAX XC - PLC Prone Leg Curl

IRONAX XC - PLC Prone Leg Curl

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IRONAX XC - PLC Prone Leg Curl

Introducing the IRONAX Prone Leg Curl: the ultimate machine to sculpt and strengthen your leg muscles! This exercise machine is specifically designed to target your hamstrings, helping you achieve strong and defined legs. The Prone Leg Curl effectively isolates and works your hamstring muscles, enhancing their strength and flexibility. Say hello to toned and powerful legs as you incorporate the prone leg curl into your workout routine and take your leg training to the next level!

The leg pads are 360° adjustable and can be adjusted according to the ankles of users of different heights to meet various needs.

The connecting rod structure solves the phenomenon of losing power in the back of the trajectory, and better stimulates the target muscles in the whole process.

Length x Width x Height 63.8" x 47.3" x 31.4"
Weight 167.3 lbs
Maximum Load 330 lbs