Weider 40 lb. Standard Cast Iron Weight Set with Chrome Spin-Lock Collars

Weider 40 lb. Standard Cast Iron Weight Set with Chrome Spin-Lock Collars

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Transform your workout space into a weight lifter’s paradise with the Weider 40-pound Cast Iron Weight Set. A totally versatile strength training addition perfect for any home gym, this cast iron weight set offers 16 possible weight combinations for a totally customizable training experience. Ideal for weight lifters of all experience levels, this dumbbell set provides four 5-pound weight plates, four 3-pound weight plates, two 14” dumbbell handles, and four chrome Spin-Lock safety collars. Crafted from durable cast iron and coated with a sleek black finish, your weight plates can withstand your most intense training sessions and will look at home in any workout space. 14” dumbbell bars are easy to grip and hold your cast iron weight plates in a secure manner, while included chrome Spin-Lock safety collars add additional protection during intense weight lifting sessions. Use your dumbbells to build muscle across your body; target your biceps and triceps with curls and extensions, your back with seated rows and rear delt flys, and your legs with lunges, squats, deadlifts, and Good Mornings. Build to get you in the shape of your life, the Weider Cast Iron weight set gives you the tools you need to strengthen and tone your entire body.

40-Pound Weight Set Includes

  • (4) 5-pound Weight Plates
  • (4) 3-pound Weight Plates
  • (2) 14" Dumbbell Bars
  • (4) Chrome-finished Spin-Lock Safety Collars

Chrome Spin-Lock Safety Collars

  • Easily secure your weight plates as you lift with these Spin-Lock safety collars

14" Dumbbell Bars

  • These easy-to-hold dumbbells house your cast iron weight plates and feature threaded ends compatible with your Spin-Lock safety collars

Durable Cast Iron Construction

  • Cast iron is a durable, cost-effective material that provides effective resistance for strength training without breaking the budget

16 Possible Weight Combinations

  • Enjoy a variety of possible weight combinations for a totally customizable strength training experience

Total Strength Training

  • Target your biceps, triceps, back, chest, shoulders, legs, and core for comprehensive strength training.

Model #: WC4011