Weider - Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell - 15 lbs

Weider - Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell - 15 lbs

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Weider - Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell - 15 lbs

Strengthen your upper body with the Weider Cast Iron Hex Dumbbell, available in weights ranging from 3 to 70 pounds. Resistance training with these dumbbells improves total strength, stamina, bone health, calorie burn, and energy levels. The compact design of each weight makes them easy to store and move, while the hexagonal heads prevent rolling during workouts. Made of durable cast iron with a knurled grip, these dumbbells offer a non-slip hold for intense training sessions.

Product Dimensions 9.4"L x 3.3"W x 2.9"H
Weight 15 lbs
Model # NDCT15