Weider XR 8.1 WEBE99517 Weight Bench

Weider XR 8.1 WEBE99517 Weight Bench

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The Weider XR 8.1 Bench features the components you need to see noticeable results in your fitness. With the options of both flat and incline bench positions, you can experience varied ranges of motion for a versatile workout. Fixed uprights -


Flat & Incline Bench Positions:

Target specific muscle groups with varied

bench positions

With different bench positions, you can change

your range of motion for added benefit and muscle isolation

Fixed Uprights:

Rest your weight bar on the fixed upright for

convenience and safety

Leg Developer:

Build your lower body by strengthening quads,

hamstrings, and glutes

Comfortable Vinyl Seats:

The durable seats provide comfort during your


Professionally-Designed Exercise Chart Included:

Ensure proper exercise form and execution

             Assembled Dimensions 64.5″ L x 47.5″ W x 48.5″ H


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