Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

"An Upright bike compared to a spin bike does not allow for you to stand up and pedal on the bike. You sit on a much comfier seat and can casually ride to built in various programs while getting good cardio exercise.

A recumbent bike has back support which allows for people who may require back support like seniors and those recovering from injury to get a good cardio workout without putting strain on the lower back.

The Air bike is one of the most sought-after cardio pieces for those in the CrossFit industry. These types of bikes allow for a great HITT cardio workout which is scientifically proven to provide optimal benefits for fat loss. The air bike is very unique as it allows for both upper body and lower body engagement. The Assault Air bike has been a staple in the CrossFit industry and one of our top sellers for home and commercial use."
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Upright and Recumbent Bikes

Stationary Exercise Bikes usually fall into two general categories: Upright Exercise Bikes and Recumbent Exercise Bikes. Upright Bikes can also include Indoor Cycles, although their increase in popularity has caused Indoor Cycles to be considered it's own class of Exercise Bike. And with changes and innovations in the field of exercise equipment, new hybrids and types of bikes are constantly emerging. One of these newer styles of bikes that are very popular now is the Assault AirBike.

Top Models at The Treadmill Factory

Aside from the Assault AirBike, we carry a lot of different options, in both Upright and Recumbent styles. We stock only reputable brands that are always on the leading edge of new developments and technologies. Starting from the Vision R10 and U10 bikes, through to the Horizon Elite bikes, and up to the True and Octane bikes, we stand behind our line of Exercise Bikes.

The Treadmill Factory has a Cardio Machine specifically designed to suit your needs.